10/21/2013 – Joe Tafoya interview, former Seahawks DE/co-owner Volume 12

Joe Tafoya, former Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman

Joe Tafoya, a 7-year veteran of the NFL and defensive end for the Seahawks from 2005-2006, joins the Sea Hawkers Podcast to talk about Volume 12. As co-owner of Volume 12, he led the effort behind the record breaking attempt for the loudest crowd roar against the San Francisco 49ers.

One thing is clear, Tafoya is not impressed with the way the Kansas City Chiefs broke the Seahawks noise record. Instead of having the crowd roar be an organic part of the game, he says that Chiefs fans were directed to assemble what fans were remaining in the stadium and let out one big cheer in one final attempt to break Seattle’s mark.

Here are some of Tafoya’s quotes from the interview:

“The Seahawks wanted this to be an organic fan movement and the Chiefs wanted to break the world record.”

“All game long they were hitting an average of 113 decibels, 114 decibels. Then miraculously at the end of the game, 30 seconds left to go when the stadium is one-third full, they make an announcement where the microphone is — everybody surrounds it — they put in one final effort and hit 137.5, and I call foul on that. I think it was bogus. I think Guinness should’ve stepped up and said it can’t be an official attempt.”

“I thought it was bogus the way that it all went down. Especially since we worked our tails off to get it and a couple weeks later somebody takes it away from us.”

He says the Monday Night Football game against the New Orleans Saints would be the next best game in his opinion to make another attempt, and he is meeting with the Seahawks Tuesday, October 22, to discuss the opportunity for the 12th Man to take back the record.

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